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Building a Cell Phone Friendly Website

So it's very important that the website you're setting up be viewable on a phone. There are two ways to approach this:

1. Responsive templates (designs that look good on phones, tablets and desktops

Strikingly - How to build a website in minutes

Many web gurus now encourage designers to build a "mobile first" website that will expand to look good on a large screen too.

Strikingly and DudaMobileDudaMobile specialize in easy-to-build mobile-friendly websites.
1&11and1 offers what they call a Mobile Website Builder that optimizes your website for viewing on phones. It's included in their Unlimited web hosting package.
For a Wordpress website, chose a responsive theme by going to the Wordpress list of themes and entering the search term "responsive". Some good examples are: OneColumn and Minima Lite. Once you've set up your blog, in the admin tool, go to Appearance and Theme and select the theme you want.

2. Set up a separate mobile-friendly website if you already have a website and don't want to change it

DudaMobileduda, lets you convert your website to a mobile version and then store it on their server.
1&1 has a tool for converting websites you design on their hosting plan.

Building a Mobile App

como Como offers the ability to build your own mobile app and submit it to mobile marketplaces such as Apple and Amazon. They offer a free trial