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A step by step guide to setting up a blog using BlueHost

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up Now
    step one in setting up a blog
  3. On the left hand side, fill in the domain name you want. If it's not available, Bluehost will let you know and suggest some alternatives. If you don't like them, go back to the domain page and try something else.

    Click on NEXT
    step 2 in setting up a blog
  4. Fill in your name, address and credit card information.
    Important: the email is the way you will communicate with BlueHost for the life of your website. Make sure you either keep that email and can access it!

    You should add Site Backup Pro and Search Engine Jumpstart to your hosting fee — it's worth it. The others are not essential.

    Click on NEXT
    step 3 in setting up a blog
  5. When you've finished signing up, go to the Control Panel from and click on Control Panel Login
    step 4 in setting up a blog
  6. Wordpress is amazingly simple to set up. To set up your blog, click on WordPress under Website Builders
    Videos are available within the control panel to help you get started. step 6 in setting up a blog
  7. Click on Start

    step 7 in setting up a blog
  8. Choose your website name from the list

    step 8 in setting up a blog
  9. Click the little box that says Show advanced options.

    Give your blog a name and fill in your email and a hard-to-guess but easy-to-remember password.

    Make sure you've clicked Automatically create a new database and click that you've read the terms and conditions.

    Click Install Now

    step 9 in setting up a blog
  10. You're finished! If you want to change the look of your blog, click on Browse Themes on the success page. There are hundreds of free themes available and they're easy to install.