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Setting Up a Blog: Step by Step

Step by Step: How to set up a website

  1. Go to and click on Hosting at the top of the page. step 1 to set up a WordPress blog
  2. Click on WordPress Hosting in the choices that appear. step 2 to set up a WordPress blog
  3. Choose either the Basic or Deluxe package. You can do some of your own site optimization if you want to avoid the extra charge for a deluxe package. Just install a plugin such as Add-Meta-Tags (See this page for instructions on installing a plugin.) step 3 to set up a WordPress blog
  4. Fill in your name and credit card info. When finished, you'll see a page like this. Click on the Manage WordPress button. step 4 to set up a WordPress blog
  5. Click on the Set Up button. step 5 to set up a WordPress blog
  6. You'll be brought to the WordPress "Dashboard" which is where you will build your blog. What makes GoDaddy so good for WordPress is that they include both a set of videos on how to use the Dashboard and a popup library of help articles. And if you really get stuck their helpline at (480) 505-8877 is 24/7.
    step 6 to set up a WordPress blog