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More about getting into Search Engines

Cultivate Links

Google and Bing judge your site not only by how it's constructed and how much content there is on it, but by how many other relevant sites link to it. If you have a relatively narrow topic (e.g., postcard collecting), you may already know most of the sites that are related in topic to your own. Write the webmasters of these sites and ask them to mention your website and link to it, or suggest an exchange of links. If you think a site will be useful to your visitors, link to it even if you don't get a reciprocal link. It will make your own site more informative.

Google is very interested in social networking links. For example, you can easily

put a Facebook "like" button on each page of your site. Just fill in the name of your website, choose a layout and click on Get Code.
For how to insert the code into your page, see this page. Ask your acquantances to "like" your website. If your website offers value, other visitors will "like" it too.

Also add a Twitter like button and, for pictures, Pinterest.

Here's a list of social networking sites you should join.

Important: Search Engines want RELEVANT links

Google will ignore irrelevant links and may even penalize your site in their rankings if you have links from just anybody. If you are going to go to the trouble of cultivating links, make sure they are relevant to the content of your site.

Of course, you may have more money than time. In that case, you might consider hiring an SEO firm who will implement an online marketing strategy for you.

BE CAREFUL WHOM YOU HIRE. There are a lot of spammers out there. Any "SEO expert" who offers to make you #1 in Google is a fraud. RUN THE OTHER WAY!


You can probably trust a reputable company like Marketingweb host. Or try just googling "SEO company." Do NOT trust someone who contacts YOU. If they have to use the phone, it's probably because they don't have enough visibility to get customers through their search engine ranking.

As Matt Cutts, well known Google expert, put it:

If you get an email with a subject like “Affordable Link Building Outsourcing,” think twice. Any email that starts out

Make your links appear Natural
Link Building is one of the most significant aspect of the off page optimization process and is a major determinant…

is starting off on the wrong foot. The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”, the objective is that your links are natural. Another rule of thumb for me personally is to be wary of people that email or cold-call you out of the blue repeatedly. Checking my email, these “link building experts” email-spammed me back in April, too.

Join a link exchange program

The Link Exchange is a site that's been in existence for years. You sign up your website and search for RELEVANT partners.
Link Market allows you to do ten free exchanges per month. If you want more, they'll be happy to sell you a subscription.
Note: lists of links won't do a thing for you. Get your link partner to embed your link into a relevant page on their website.

Don't buy links!

Again, not only won't they help, they can actually hurt the standing of your website.


Bing and Google charge per number of clicks on your ad. Since Google has the bigger market share, you may find advertising on Bing to be less expensive per click.
Facebook's advantage is that you can target your audience very closely. For example: opera lovers, Rotarians, cat lovers. Facebook also offers an inexpensive "boost", which puts a post before a larger audience than your Facebook friends.

Join an Affiliate Program

Join LinkConnector Network Now!

There are programs such as Commission Junction that hook you up with "publishers" who want to display your ads. You offer these "publishers" who have websites a commission of your sales, a few dollars per lead, or a few cents per "click" (visitor).

Once you have some traffic coming to your site, you can become an affiliate yourself. See Monetizing your website for more on that topic.

Google webmaster tools to help you analyze your site

Forums and Other Help:
WebPro Forum Free site reviews, advice on programming, scuttlebutt about Google and some good link exchange offers.
Scrub the Web offers free Search Engine Optimization, help with Meta Tags and a free web page analyzer.
Affiliate Programs:
The biggest (and most expensive) is Commission Junction. The ads you see on this site come through them.
Less expensive is Share A Sale