How to set up a free website — really!

set up a free website Wix offer an entire free website with lots of really good looking templates to start you off and an easy build process.

(See Step by step guide to setting up a website on Wix.)
Webs offers a free website with a drag-and-drop interface that lets you build your site easily. However, you will have to pay $50 or $60 a year for your own domain name (URL). Still a good deal.
Webmium Webmium offers a free website. The catch: they only allow a few hundred visits before they start charging. This might, though, be a great choice for, say a family reunion website that won't get that many visits anyway.
You can get a FREE Website at Duda!.
It will have ads on it.

How to set up a free one page website

$1/ mo Hosting + Free domain! Stick it to the slow websites! If you only need one page for a simple web presence), you can get a web page for about $12 a year on GoDaddy if you register your domain (website name) with them.
1&1 Web Hosting123-regone page website offers a similar deal in the UK.
If you want to to share your interests, you can build a subject-based page on Hubpages.
Make a Free Mobile Website with DudaMobile

How to set up a free blog

You can get an ad-free blog completely free at Diaryland or, owned by Google. Both are free and easy to set up.

How to set up a free store

freewebstore offers a free basic online store. They make their money selling extra services. and offer a free store on Facebook.

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Setting up a website for almost no money