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Setting up a website for almost no money

set up a free website

How to set up a free website — really!

Wix offer an entire free website with lots of really good looking templates to start you off and an easy build process. (See Step by step guide to setting up a website on Wix.)

Webs offers a free website with a drag-and-drop interface that lets you build your site easily. However, you will have to pay $50 or $60 a year for your own domain name (URL). Still a good deal.

Webmium offers a free website. The catch: they only allow a few hundred visits before they start charging. This might, though, be a great choice for, say a family reunion website that won't get that many visits anyway.

How to set up a free one page website

If you only need one page (for example, you're a social worker or a massage therapist who needs a simple web presence), you can get a web page for about $12 a year on GoDaddy. They offer a free one page website if you register your domain (website name) with them. 123-regone page website offers the same deal in the UK.

Make a Free Mobile Website with DudaMobile

How to set up a free blog

You can get an ad-free blog completely free at a number of sites. Two good ones are Diaryland, which has a customizable interface, and, owned by Google Both are free and easy to set up.

If you want to to share your interests, you can build a subject-based "lens" on Squidoo. It's sort of like a blog, but also offers you building blocks of your own to add videos, polls, news headlines, links to other websites and more.

How to set up a free store

freewebstore offers a free basic online store. They make their money selling extra services. There are also several companies, such as and that will let you set up a free store on Facebook.

*See What is a Domain Name? for an explanation of domain names