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Setting Up Your own Blog

Why a blog?

Blogs are easy to create and update, without any technical knowledge. If you want a website you can update frequently, get a blog.

With the development of WordPress, a blog can be much more than a simple diary. (See below.)

Advantages of a blog

  • You can allow other people to add comments if you choose
  • Blogs are search engine friendly. Google especially loves its own Blogger.
  • Blogs are extremely easy to set up, and it's easy to get one for free.
    • Blogger, owned by Microsoft, offers a free blog with no ads except a small "hosted by" button.
    • Diaryland charges a $2 signup fee.


A Wordpress blog is slightly harder to work with, but it has more capabilities.

The advantages of Wordpress are:

  • There are hundreds of free designs (called templates) to choose from.
  • Hundreds of free plugins extend the funtionality of your blog in dozens of ways.

There's not really a good reason to have to install your own WordPress application.

GoDaddy! offers a special WordPress hosting account, with WordPress preinstalled. They usually offer a very good deal the first year, then it's about $7 a month after that.

How to install a plugin in Wordpress

  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Click on Plugins > Add New on the left
  • Enter a search term (e.g. "picture gallery") in the search box.
    A list of plugins fitting your search word will come up.
  • Find the one you want and click Install Now.
  • Click on Plugins on the left
  • Find the plugin you've just installed in the list of plugins and click on Activate
  • Depending on the plugin, either click on Settings and then the name of the plugin, or there'll be a new choice that will show up in the left hand dashboard menu. Sometimes you'll need to add a keyword to the page you want the plugin to appear on. If you need instructions for your plugin, just search for the name of the plugin in There will be installation instructions and perhaps a FAQ and support. If there's not, choose a different plugin!
For more on working in WordPress, see