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How to add code snippets to your website pages

If you're working in Wordpress

There are a number of free plugins that will let you paste ad code into your web page. See this page for a list. Here is how to install a plugin.

  1. After you've signed up for your affiliate or PayPal account (see Monetizing your website), go to the page that provides banner and link code and copy the link code they provide. If you're adding PayPal buttons, click on the Merchant Services tab and then click on the "Create payment buttons for your website" button.
  2. Fill in any information they request (for example, in PayPal, they'll want a name for the button and a price.) Cut and paste the code they provide.

    how to add an Amazon or other affiliate code to your website
  3. Open the web page you want to add the code to. If you're working with an online editor, click the tab to switch to HTML. If you're working with your own web design program, you should be able to toggle views between WYSIWYG and HTML. In your editor, find the text on your page where you want the ad to appear, ignoring all the gobbledygook, and paste in the code you've just cut and pasted..
  4. If you want the code centered on the page, add the following before the code you're pasting in:
    <div align="center">
    and this after it:

    formatting affiliate code on a web page

  5. Save and publish your website page and you're good to go.

YouTube video giving step by step instructions on setting up Google's Adsense

affiliate program