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About the author of Setting Up a Website

About Irene Herz, author of this website

Irene Herz, author of Setting Up a Website

Irene Herz began her web development career at Prodigy, Inc., one of the ancestors of the World Wide Web, where she was a product manager. After leaving Prodigy, she spent three years as Manager, Internet Development at ITT Industries, where she created the company Intranet and participated in the development of several division websites.

Upon retirement, she began a new career as a freelance website developer, creating websites for the Village of Tuckahoe, the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department, the Ossining Public Library and numerous other institutions and businesses.

This website began as an online "handout" to accompany a speech she was asked to give at her local library.

In her spare time, she sings with a chorus of volunteeers who give concerts at Senior Citizen residences.

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