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Getting Started: Choosing a company to Host your website

If you're not a techie, look for a web hosting company that emphasizes:

  • good customer support
  • a wide selection of pre-formatted designs, called templates, to which you will be able to add your own text and graphics.
  • easy to use page building tools

All web hosting companies claim they offer all of the above.

However, in my experience as a web designer, I've found that some companies deliver more than others. For example, GoDaddy offers really terrific support for WordPress. If you order a WordPress account, they'll set it up for you automatically and they provide a video explaining how to get started. However, for non-WordPress sites, their tools and template choices are just not as robust as some other companies who were established exclusively for the do-it-yourself website creator

Web hosting companies that DO offer all of the above.

In the last few years, new companies have arisen that cater solely to people who are not web designers.

company to set up your came into being as a facility designed specifically for the do-it-yourself website creator. They offer lots of attractive templates and excellent support.
do-it-yourself website has been in the business of providing do-it-yourself websites for many years. Now part of Network Solutions, they offer hundreds of templates and excellent phone support.
cell-phone friendly, responsive websites Dudamobilewebsites for cellphones is a relatively new company whose specialty is websites that are designed with their primary goal to look good on cell phones (as well as desktopsl)
Online Store Builder for eCommerceBigcommerce is a platform designed specifically for selling online. It includes attractive templates, easy links to online credit card companies and a straightforward way of entering products into your store.

If you're not sure you want to try this approach, these companies all offer a free trial period where you can try out the tools and see if this avenue is for you. Homestead from IntuitHomestead specializes in easy to set up websites, for example, offer a free 30-Day trial.

Setting up a Specialized Website for a profession or an organization

There are companies that specialize in providing "turnkey" websites that allow you to set up a certain kind of website. For example, a club website might offer a membership database and calendar. Here are some examples:

Just Google the type of website you want. For example: "website for a photographer" or "website for a volunteer firehouse." There's probably a company out there that specializes in it.

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